Gang-rape of a 23-year-old paramedical student in Delhi has created a furor in the whole country. The victim was travelling with male friend and had boarded a Bus on past Sunday night, when they caught up an argument with the already drunk people in the Bus. The girl was gang raped, had a huge rod inserted in her vagina while her male friend was beaten and both were thrown on the road. The girl was seriously injured and is still on life support. The incident, very brutal and horrible to put it in the words, has caught the eyes of the nation. This incident was the jolt to already crippling confidence of the Delhi citizens in law and order of the city. The city being infamously called the most unsafe city for women.

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Number of rapes in the recent past has been the cause of concern for this country. A country where a woman is raped in every 22 minute’ can also be one of the shameful definitions of this country. It is the most inhuman type of violence against women. The psychological scar of the incident stays with a woman throughout her life, more so due to the discriminations from the society. Many times these incidents go unreported due to the fear of boycott by the society or in the name of honour of the family. This crime along with child sexual molestation is the most barbarous violence occurring in the Indian society, and they are occurring at an alarming rate. The respect and protection of women is the responsibility of the society as much as it is of the police.

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Countless of news channels are having the discussions about why the rapes happen? And what should be the punishment given to such heinous crime? Various reasons came to light including lack of police patrolling, some gave stupid suggestions like woman should not wear skimpy clothes to women should behave properly or they should not go out at night alone. These suggestions are more harmful that helpful in solving these problems, they give more encouragement to such crimes.Various punishments came forth -castration, death and even total boycott of culprits by society. The answer to this question is complex, but these crimes are done by human-like animals having the most degraded mind. They are often the eve-teasers who have gone unpunished, have least respect for women and do not have any sense of humanity. The conviction rate and the punishment duration are unable to deter these incidents. The government machinery including the police nothing but encourages these degraded minds.

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The solutions to these actualities may be elaborate, but the main deterrence should be the basic and morally correct education followed by fear of conviction. Character of students should be built in school and at homes along with basic sex education. These incidents are not limited to certain pockets in the country, but are occurring everywhere. Meanwhile there should be a proper system by which the victims of these crimes are rehabilitated. The role of media is also pivotal. The question remains how the law enforcement agencies are going to handle such cases even when they are as not widely reported by media as this one and how we can wipe this wretched mindset from the society.