Abrakadabra, and blah goes the awe! This robbery-based film underpins magic and has some seriously awesome special effects to boast of, but what starts off as a glorious spell stumbles down to a highly cliched climax.  Louis Letterier directed ‘Now you see me’ has you hooked for a decent amount of time, but following the prolonged car chase and the same old cat-and-mouse cop pursuit, it just becomes a drill to sit through the entire movie.

The four primary characters are established early into the movie- the mentalist (Woody Harrelson), the conjurer (Jesse Eisenberg), the card sharpie (Dave Franco) and the illusionist diva (Isla Fisher), as they come together called upon by a mysterious leader to form a group called ‘The Four Horsemen’ and wow an enormous audience in Las Vegas as they teleport a member from audience to Paris in an eye-wink to rob a bank of 30 million Euros. Damn! This performance wins them the attention of a high-on-beverage FBI agent Dylan Rhodes (Ruffalo) and an attractive French Interpol sleuth Alma Vargas (Melaine Laurent), who in their quest to find the Horsemen seek Thaddeus Bradley (Morgan Freeman), who’s an ex-magician now exposing present enchanters. The Horsemen have to pull one final heist. Are they successful in their endeavor?

Now-You-See-Me-english movie poster

Freeman and Michael Caine sail through this film solely on their reputation, and a verbal dual between these two stalwarts forms one of the best scenes in the movie. Harrelson is totally having a ball with his diabolical smart-ass character, while Eisenberg gives us the same ‘social Network’ smugness. Others’ roles have been intellectually ripped, so as to make them appear so dumb that they’re funny, specially where Ruffalo cracks us up with his fight sequence antics against Franco (who’s extremely energetic in his role).

All in all, Now You See Me is a decorous affair that entertains, but is trapped within a web of cliches. Watch it for the brilliant performances and the well delivered witty dialogues.