The tender succulent meat that was overtly hyped in the trailers is not getting much of the screen-time as our perverted minds would’ve liked. All the ’18+’ spices that we anticipated in the movie are just added in pinches, while the one thing we never anticipated makes up for the majority of the movie- A plot (and quite an okay one at that). The Mahesh Bhatt scripted and Pooja Bhatt directed Jism 2 is just a slow drama with occasional offerings of skin show.

Sunny Leone plays Izna, a porn star whose services are hired by an Intelligence Agency officer Ayaan (Arunoday Singh), who flies her off to Sri Lanka to gain access of a good cop gone bad Kabir Wilson (played by Randeep Hooda). Izna is hesitant to take up this offer initially as Kabir once used to rule her heart, but takes it up anyways to teach the man a lesson for leaving her mid-way of an intense love affair.

This film is said to be a thriller, but pace of the movie strictly goes against the genre. Also there are not enough thrills to keep you engaged throughout the film. While voyeurism shall be well attended to, the logical side of the mind is left severely starved. The story even floats over issues which are political, related to war and terrorism, and also controversial- but they too don’t help in lifting the plot much. Dialogues at certain places are totally out of context and extremely stupid. Performance wise, Randeep Hooda is the best of the lot. Sunny Leone’s curves act very well, while her facial expressions need to catch up. Arunoday Singh doesn’t look too believable as the love-smitten tough cop, while Arif Zakaria as Arunoday’s senior could be laughed off as a joke. The music adds to the vitality though.

Though the film falls short on creating the right atmosphere, you won’t crib too much at the end if your only desire was to catch the lead actress in action. So go, make some hay while Sunny shines. And please let your ‘sensible mind’ rest in peace.

Overall rating- 2/5