Vikram Bhatt’s Mr X has been kept under the veil since its principal shoot began last year and the Bhatts’ have been trying to create a sense of mystery around it by giving out small promotional material at a time but now the first trailer of the film is out we can truly say it will be an experimental film for the Bhatt’s considering the fact that Vikram Bhatt’s previous CGI outing(creature 3D) did not end well.Mr X is a story of a cop turned vigilante who turns invisible by the chemicals used to kill him by his enemies.He is reborn as an outlaw and starts fighting crime again but this time without the boundaries of law or meta physics.

The CGI used in movie looks pretty average, actually very similar to Creature 3D.For sure ,special effects is not something this movie will ride upon , a good story might sail it across but considering Vikram Bhatt’s track record,the chances are slim.

What happens to this movie at the box office is subject to time but in the meanwhile watch the trailer and do let us know your thoughts in the comments.