The Black Bride in Insidious 2


After Josh saves his son from the land of the dead called the ‘further’, Elise is killed by someone and Josh becomes the immediate suspect. Josh’s Wife Renai is questioned by the police but she defends her husband though deep inside she has her doubts. There is no proof against Josh and he is not convicted. Soon the family move into Joshs ancestral house to start a fresh life but the horrors of their past don’t seem to let them move on. Renai starts seeing ghosts appearing in the house and so do the kids and grandmother but Josh insists they stay in the house and just ignore the incidents. Josh’s behaviour is strange and Renai starts doubting him.

In the meanwhile Josh’s mother with the help of the ghost hunters and Elise’s friend discovers shocking details josh’s past and an old man called Parker. Soon they find out imperative connections between Josh ,Parker and a serial killers ghost  who went by the name ‘The Bride in Black’  who kidnapped and murdered young brides while dressed as a woman wearing a black gown.

What is the connection between Parker, Josh and the ‘The Bride in black’? Did Josh bring back something evil with him from the further? And who murdered Elise and why?

For all the answers you need to catch the movie in theaters.

Black Bride


James Wan who  has directed movies like ‘The Conjuring’ ,’Saw’, ‘Dead Silence’ and ‘Insidious’ part one has proven his mettle many times before as a good Horror movie director. He has quite a few tricks up his sleeves which he uses amply in his movies. Even in this venture of his he has done a good job of keeping things as creepy as possible for the viewers but uses his old tricks of combining surprise-shock-background score to scare the viewers and is successful in doing that. If you are watching the movie closely you might get spooked many times throughout the movie.


The movie is directed well but the script does not offer any thing new that we haven’t read or seen before. I personally feel the concept of the ‘The Further’ and ‘Astral Projections’  has a lot of promise but the writers did not exploit it to its full potential. The story could have taken us into the secrets of ‘The Further’ and its residents but they chose the non-creative way and settled with what we have already seen a million times in the movies.


On the performance front everybody is in the story and does a good job. No extraordinary performances here but everyone did what they were expected to do; Scare Us.

 Final Word

Being Less imaginative and lazy the movie disappointed me as I expected a lot from the universe of ‘The Further’  but it is scary no doubt at some places you might even jump out of the seat but that is only because of James Wans deft control over his craft.

If you want to get spooked a little you can watch this movie over the weekend, but don’t expect greatness.

Overall Rating: 2.5/5