Microsoft’s most awaited Windows 8 finally launched today in Delhi. The new operating system promises to be fast and most suitable for multitasking with a quick and visceral UI. The company is offering Windows 8 upgradation to the customers, those who have bought their PC June 2 2012 onwards for a mere cost of INR 699/-. Other customers may also update their OS via electronic software download by paying INR 1999/-.


Windows 8 aims to blend up work with life, in which it also has succeeded to some extent. At first look Windows 8 looks very cool, with its clean user interface having a collection of applications split into rectangular tiles. Each of those can be re-positioned by dragging them around as desired. They can also be added or removed subjected to one’s choice. The good thing about the tiles is that they are LIVE, which means that every application continuously gets updated even if it is not actively being used.

Microsoft has got off with its Start button on its home screen in the new OS. Instead, users will have access to the start menu at their fingertips as soon as they log in. Most of the Windows 8 enabled devices comes touch enabled, with all the features of pinch zoom and easy swipe access. Another new feature included in the Windows 8 is Picture Password. As that of Android phones, Windows 8 also allows the user to have a picture password, which when touched in a certain way will allow user access.

Windows 8

According to Microsoft, Windows 8 aims to be “everything at once”. Windows 8 is a platform that bridges the gap between laptops, personal computers and tablets. It also wants to be a platform for consumption and creation, integration between a primary device and a fellow device and connected anywhere and everywhere, through the Cloud. Welcome the paradigm shift in personal computing. Everything just gets better hereon.

Source – Reliance Digital Stores.