A ‘Slice of Life’ movie set up in Bengal which uplifts your spirit, dips and rises into hope & thrashes life when most unexpected – that’s the kind of movie plot that we all love – the one that explores life in the little pleasures. Ayushman Khurana (aka Abhimanyu Roy) is a writer of horror & erotic stories who is presently suffering from a writer’s block. He is selflessly involved in the unreciprocated love of Parineeti Chopra (Bindu). Whereas, Bindu is a freewheeler & whimsical girl who never completes anything she starts. Be it a film, hobby, book or graduation. It is their heart-warming tale of friendship, love & lots of nostalgia.

The movie unfolds as it advances with a variety of songs by Asha Bhosle, Kishore Kumar, Mohd. Rafi & Aarti Mukherjee. And the movie starts to run parallel in flashbacks & present. The narration by Ayushman Khurana is full of little Omni-quirks, brilliant analogies and is always brimming with emotions. “Abhi naa jao chorh ke, ki dil abhi bhara nahin” will reverberate with your heart as it plays in the melodious voice of ‘Parineeti’ in the backdrop.

The story-line is unconventional and offbeat & is very well-supported with a groovy script. The optimism of life exhibited is overwhelming. At times, you will burst into belly-laughter with the immense Bengali humor. ‘Bubla’, the daak-name for Abhimanyu is more than adorable, just like his family. While Parineeti absorbs you up with the mellow & bubbly character, she looks stunning throughout the movie & is abreast with all kinds of fashion which is essentially eye-pleasing. Ayushman steals your heart with his naive character and fine looks. Both Bengali families are sure to tickle your funny bone every time they hit the screen.

I must add here that the decent assortment of songs is a cherry on the cake. ‘Haareya’ is surely already on loop among half of the audience. The mosaic of songs is assembled to display a kaleidoscopic pattern & you will fall in love with melodies even more.

The first-half will take you by humor and liveliness while the second-half will delve into emotional aspects. An absolute feel-good movie with a very unlikely ending that will take you by total surprise. The film will resonate with hearts but lacks depth at times.

Overall ‘Meri Pyaari Bindu’ is a perfectly waxed poetry of two young beating hearts.  Showcasing a different perspective on love, heartbreaks & ambition – it is a positive breath of fresh air! Definitely worth the watch.

Overall Rating: 3/5