Author: Harman Sohi

Hindi Medium | Movie Review

Hindi Medium, a satire on the real-life discrimination faced by the Hindi-bolne–wali junta from the English Elitists. No matter of how wealthy these Hindi-speaking folks might be, but the weight of language still puts them down in the eyes of English-speaking snobs. So says the film. It is the story of a Raj Batra (Irrfan Khan), a simple-minded businessman and a wife-fearing husband. His wife Meeta Batra (Saba Qamar) aka Mithu, is a control-freak deeply infatuated by English-speaking class and will go any limits to make her daughter’s life and future perfect. The film is about this continuous impelling of the family to get admission into one of the top schools in Delhi, the changes in their lives, the wannabe transformation and journey of guilt. Irrfan is as brilliant as ever. His electric role as a loving family man is enchanting; he is the kind of man who dances to the favorite tune of ‘Taare gin-gin’, no matter whatsoever. He puts up the movie’s spirit when it goes down. The man who can make us endear any script! Mithu, who insists to be called ‘Honey’, is a typical Indian wife who knows the best for her family, instructs around and involves everyone to achieve this common goal. She is a pleasure to watch even with her melodramatic character. The whole family starts to lead a pretentious life that they...

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Meri Pyaari Bindu | Movie Review – The Saga of Love, Heartbreaks & Ambition

A ‘Slice of Life’ movie set up in Bengal which uplifts your spirit, dips and rises into hope & thrashes life when most unexpected – that’s the kind of movie plot that we all love – the one that explores life in the little pleasures. Ayushman Khurana (aka Abhimanyu Roy) is a writer of horror & erotic stories who is presently suffering from a writer’s block. He is selflessly involved in the unreciprocated love of Parineeti Chopra (Bindu). Whereas, Bindu is a freewheeler & whimsical girl who never completes anything she starts. Be it a film, hobby, book or...

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Phillauri | Movie Review #2

The high-chords struck by Phillauri’s trailer do certainly take your thoughts captive but alas, the execution fails, falling many levels down your expectations. The second production under the extremely talented Anushka Sharma is an intermittent and parallel run between the present and the past, set in the village ‘Phillaur’(Punjab). The movie kicks with Kanan (Suraj Sharma) having an extreme nightmare while he is on his way to India from Canada to get married to his high-school sweetheart Anu (Mehreen Pirzada). His parents convolute the process as they force Kanan to marry a tree (Oh, the Manglik reasons!), and in turn...

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