The moment I heard about the homages to ‘2001 a Space Odyssey’, I instantaneously decided to watch Lucy. Besson’s ‘Leon the Professional’ had quite an impact on me and I was sure that I won’t be disappointed. So, I watched it first day first show despite the reviews being unfavorable.

LUCY scarlett johannson

Indeed, there’re a lot of connections to 2001 but I must also say that this film stands out on its own. I know what Luc Besson attempted. Even though I admire his efforts I’ll admit that I was disappointed. You know, you don’t come across experimental Sci-Fi flicks packed with action these days. It’s mostly commercial and the ones which succeed belong to the Superhero genre. A point there for Besson for trying something new. But, your expectations will be cheated if you’re expecting something spectacular.

The biggest mistake this film makes is that it comes out half-hearted. It never goes beyond a point into the realms of the experimental kind. At the same time it never goes completely commercial. It stays somewhere stuck in between. The script wasn’t just there to back the philosophy of the experimental kind, nor enough to be actualized as commercial film. And, both aspects gets lost in confusion. Also, I found it a bit cliché. I don’t know how many films were made with the 10%-100% brain function idea but it does seem like an overused idea.

2001 on the other hand abandons the standard narrative and stands out on its own. It is realistic enough to keep you interested. And, even when it abandons realism it becomes philosophical and more importantly poetic. This sense of realism or being poetic is completely absent from Lucy and the philosophy comes out as pretentious. Also, all information seemed to be shoved down the audience’ throat. Where has all the subtleness gone? The non-diegetic inserts in the seemed forced and never connected in subtext.

Here is a film that should have spent more time in development. It came out too early like a failed Caesarian. Perhaps it required a little more thought, care, boldness and above all time…. just like a baby. I say this because it had the potential. But saying all that I should also add that it was a decent one time watch.

Overall Rating : 3/5