After defeating Doctor Arya, Krissh along with his dad comes back to India where he lives a happy life with his Journalist Wife and Scientist Dad. He hides his true identity by doing menial jobs in the city and more than often gets fired because most of the time he is busy saving the people of the city. People of the city love him and he becomes their favorite. When everything looks picture perfect, dark clouds appear in the sky with the advent of Kaal.

krrish 3

On the other side of the world Evil Genius Kaal who has a fascination with DNA Fusion, keeps performing fusion experiments in the hope of finding that DNA which can cure his ailment (physical disability) .He ends up creating Mutants by fusing DNA’s of Humans and Animals/reptiles but fails to find a cure of his disability. Kaal owns a pharmaceutical company which creates antidotes for deadly viruses, Viruses which are created by them, more specifically through his own DNA. Kaal has extraordinary telekinetic powers through which he can control everything around him. His body is paralyzed except for his two fingers and he can still create havoc with them. The secret of Kaal’s astonishing power is unknown even to him and his search for an answer always ends up in vain.

Kaal has an inherent hatred for mankind and he considers himself far superior than anyone else. He believes DNA fusion is the future and hatches a plan to destroy mankind and create a far superior race of Maanvars(Mutants) and rule on them, the only obstacle in his course is his disability and the only agenda in his life is to find a cure.

Kaal and Krrish’s paths cross when Kaal discovers that Krrish’s DNA can also create the antidote for his viruses.

Will he find a cure for his crippled body? What is the secret of his superpowers? What is the link between Kaal and Krrish’s DNA? How will Krrish save the human race from total annihilation ?

For all these answers you need to watch the movie. 


Rakesh Roshan has weaved an almost engaging story which keep you hooked most of the time by not revealing the cards till the very end and also has some unexpected twists and turns .Putting together elements of SCI-FI, family drama and action, the story is credible but the screenplay is faulty and has too many loop holes which loosen the grip on the audience.

There is a fine line between drama and melodrama and most of the time movie ends up being over-melodramatic in dramatic sequences. Cheesy dialogues also dampen the experience further. Certain dialogues make you laugh and remind you of movies which were made a decade before.


The music is utterly disappointing, totally unwanted and only acts as speed breakers in the story. All the songs are out of place, out of date and should have been out of the movie also.

A big disappointment from a composer who has created really good music in the past. This time he totally missed it.


Hrithik Roshan is the only actor who can play Krrish on-screen; he is near perfect in the movie. He is elegant, charming and has a chiseled body.

Priyanka Chopra doesn’t have much to do in the story or in the movie.

Kangna Ranaut is totally in her character as the Mutant Kaya who can change forms, her expressions and looks make her a worthy addition to the franchise.

Vivek Oberoi as Kaal -Krrish’s Nemesis is the highlight of the show, he is scary, freaky and radiates confidence though his dialogues. He got the meatiest character in the movie and he did good work with it.

Kaal is the most neatly sketched villains I have seen in a long time and he deserves all the adulation and accolades.


Despite having a leaky screenplay one of the reasons why Krrish is engaging is because of the exceptionally awesome special effects that the movie has. The VFX team deserves a moment of standing ovation for pulling off something of this quality.

The VFX looked unfinished and amateur in the trailers but look amazing in the movie. Kudos to the VFX team at Red Chillies. Keep up the great work. You have upped the VFX standards of Bollywood.

 Final Word

Rakesh Roshan is an expert director, no second thoughts about that but there are certain elements in the movie which he could have done without for better. Certain dialogues are over the top and cheesy, music is uninspiring, screenplay is weak and unimaginative. It resembles a lot of Hollywood franchises which makes it hackneyed and makes us less proud of the finished product.

The movie is not a great cinematic experience but isn’t boring and crappy also. Good Acting (Vivek, Hrithik, Kangna), great VFX and an almost good story makes the ride enjoyable but bumpy due to certain roadblocks and speed breakers. If we compare it with the other superhero movies that Bollywood has churned out, Krrish 3 will top the list in terms of story, acting, VFX  and direction.

Overall Rating: 3/5