Though crimes happen all over ,Delhi gets more concentrated attention than the rest of the country because it is the national capital , which essentially means it is home to most number of bureaucrats ,politicians and defence personals.But despite that fact, the will and motivation of law breakers seems to be unhindered.

Just recently,a video uploaded on youtube by  TheDelhiPedia uncovered the operation of a ‘Knock Knock’ gang,which robs people in a synchronized and a meticulously planned manner.The video recovered from the premises of Bhairo Mandir,where the robbery took place,shows 5 people working in tandem to distract the driver and the security guard while one of the gang members smoothly picks up the bag from the car.The bag reportedly contained Rs 7.9 lacs in cash ,two smartphones and an Ipad.But the robbery cannot be termed as shocking as such synchronous thievery occurs all over the world, maybe in a more sophisticated way too,but what is shocking and dissapointing here is the attitude of the Delhi police ,who instead of acting steadfastly chose to laze around which prompted the victim and his son to act on their own,the recovery of this CCTV footage is a result of their actions.

This is not the first time when the efficiency of the Delhi police has been questioned and unfortunately it wont be the last until the central government decides to improve the situation.In the meanwhile all we can do is warn our friends and family who stay in Delhi/NCR against such ‘goonism’.