The Premise-

A story essentially is divided into three acts:

1)  Setup,where the main characters are introduced and their relationship with other characters is established.The first act ends with a turning point in the story which becomes the basis of the second act which is known as confrontation.

2) Confrontation – this is where the story moves forward from the first turning point and tries to resolve issues but the protagonist ends up in a worse situation. This is the most important section of the story as it bridges the first two acts by means of evolution of character and story.

3) Resolution – this is where the climax,which is the most intense point in the story. In the third act all the subplots are resolved and the story in concluded.

kick salman khan

Kick’s Plot

Kick has an interesting first half where character of Devi is introduced .He is a normal human who has extraordinary strength, intelligence and chivalry. He also has peculiar idiosyncrasies, one of them is his longing for Kick or adrenaline rush. This kick has always defined his life but no particular thing is able to hold is attention for a long time and sooner or later he is out looking for another kick. He gets fired from his job 33 times, goes to prison ,rides a half car-half bike but none of them give him the perpetual kick that he needs to fuel his life.

The instability in his career leads to his breakup with his girlfriend which provides the first turning point in the movie.

While Devi disappears, Devil appears .Devi –Devil (Ya you got it right, but nobody in the story gets that.) So why does Devi turn in Devil? What is  his final kick? And why does he only target a particular set of rich people?These are some of the questions that the story raises in the first half and which are answered in the rest of the movie.

Story and Screenplay

While the story does have an intriguing start it loses focus quickly right before the first turning point and becomes a sad Dhoom parody .I had not even recovered from the damage that Dhoom3 had done on me and Kick happened .It was like cutting open a half healed wound. There are some silly action sequences which dominate a major portion of the second act of the movie which made me sick. The story had more loop holes than a beehive and Salman Khan ,who is almost In every scene in the movie was the saving grace. His stardom and screen presence tried to compensate for the half-baked script but sadly a good movie is a team work not a one man show.

The story of kick has a passable first act, an abysmal 2nd and a decent conclusion, but by that time, I was magnificently bored.


Salman Khan has terrific screen presence and his stardom just exudes every time  he appears.He is funny, charismatic and devilish all at the same time.Other actors also are decent but their presence is highly dominated by the ‘Bhai’ of Bollywood. Randeep Hooda does hold his ground in every scene but sadly that just makes him like Abhishek Bachchan in a Dhoom movie (utterly useless in the story).

Jacquiline looks ravishing and does what her character demands;looks good.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui even in the limited screen time doesn’t fail to impress and leaves a lasting impact .He is such a powerful actor, he is the only one who steals the show from Salman whenever they appear together.


Kick is Sajid Nadiadwala’s directorial debut and it feels like a debut. The movie has mediocre direction which hampers the overall product gravely. The editing is bland and abrupt, background score is non uniform and I felt he tried to compensate his incapability as a director by putting Salman Khan in every scene of the movie.Sajid fails to leave a mark as he doesn’t have any style or even of he did, Salman overshadowed it with his.

Final Word 

Kick has a badly written story which is even more badly directed. The story has a head and a tail but no definite body. Salman Khan, Nawazuddin  and Randeep Hooda are the saving grace of this abysmal concoction of mixed emotions.

Watch it only if the presence of Salman Khan is enough to give you a Kick, for others it will not even give  you a tickle.

Overall Rating: 2/5