Kerala Tourism’s Gesture-Controlled Website Extends The State’s Monsoon To The Visitor

Since its launch on the 28th of May this year, Kerala Tourism website has already received over a lakh views, an official claimed. As the title suggests, the names was bestowed to the website as part of the monsoon campaign initiated by the tourism department. The website is gesture-controlled, and tracks user’s movements via a webcam placed in front of them.

kerala tourism when it rains gesture controlled website

The website developed by Stark Communications, official marketing and communications agency for Kerala Tourism, employs beautiful monsoon images shot by Facebook fans. Travelers may simply succumb to monsoon on their PCs or smartphones before actually arriving here, says Secretary of Kerala Tourism Suman Billa. Director of the department, Hari Kishore, added that a gesture controlled website is just an extended version of Kerala that they can offer to a visitor.

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