ISRO’s geoportal Bhuvan now boasts 3D-enabled features, thus bringing the application at par with Google Earth. The geo-portal is now available both in 2D and 3D, and even include ‘Pocket Bhuvan’- a smartphone application the functions exactly like Google Navigation, states Himanshu Pandya, a scientist at the Space Application Centre (SAC). The biggest win that Bhuvan scores over Google Earth and Google Navigation is that it’s map is enabled to access even the remotest corner in the Indian territory, something that Google has failed to offer thus far.

ISRO geoportal Bhuvan 3D

The portal Bhuvan was launched in 2009 to mark the 90th birth anniversary of Vikram Sarabhai, and is maintained by National Remote Sensing Center in Hyderabad. The official Bhuvan portal could be viewed upon here-