Close your eyes and think about that one thing that, truly lasts forever,helps us remains connected beyond distance, time and also death. The essence of which prevails beyond the barriers of language and geographies. That thing is love, it lasts forever and  is not limited by the space time continuum. No science has ever been able to explain the mysterious ways in which love works but that doesn’t stop it from creating miracles. Love transcends all boundaries of reality and remains as the eternal bond of connectivity.It is the single most perennial invisible force which baffles when you try to hit it head on but gives warmth when you embrace it with a big heart and an open mind.

Thats the core of Interstellar, which is infused within the convoluted concept of quantum relativity.Interstellar fondles your heart with care while keeping the brain occupied by throwing astrophysics concepts that it can’t fully comprehend. At the end of three hours your heart feels satisfied and the brain is still trying to chew.


In a near Dystopian future ,earth is dying and a group of space scientists decide that the future of humans will outlive that of earth and with that belief they launch missions to find another habitable planet. The astronauts leverage the appearance of a new wormhole which lets them travel to other galaxies in significantly less time by bending the space. The scientists believe the appearance of the wormholes are not coincidental but rather deliberate attempts by multidimensional beings (they, as referred in the movie) to help to humans survive.

Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) leads the mission leaving behind a daughter who did not want him to leave. He leaves the earth and enters the other galaxy through the wormhole  where the influence of gravity and time reduces as cooper and his team move away from the earth, at one point in time 1 hour in the galaxy becomes equivalent to decades back on earth.

Earth doesn’t have much life left and if Coopers team fails in finding a habitable planet in time ,all the humans on earth will suffocate slowly, including Coopers kids. On the voyage Cooper must decide between seeing his children again (his kids are aging faster than him) and the future of entire human race by choosing between the last two planets to inspect, they have fuel only to land on one planet.Its a decision that only cooper can take and that decision will decide the future of the human race.

What happens next is for you to explore.



Nolan is truly an innovative genius, every movie of his is a step in a different direction and I would say Interstellar is a bold move  even for him because this realm of emotional space adventure  has been rarely explored. There aren’t many $200 million  movies which are not action packed and filled with explosions and other set pieces. Interstellar relies more on the emotional turmoil of the characters and the depth of the story to give the required adrenaline pump.

One of the most distinctive things you will observe in the movie is that Nolan has used a 35 MM camera to shoot the scenes on the earth and 70 MM IMAX to shoot scenes of the outer space. This creates a clear distinction between the two realms and I really loved the way he fused both the technologies to combines something that is as beautiful as Interstellar. The 35 mm shots accurately portrays the state of dying earth, which is always plagued with dust storms and crop fires.

There are some sequences in the movie that just suck you in and play with your emotional cords and leave you spellbound. Emotions was a new realm for Nolan and he almost nailed it in the first attempt, a rare achievement.

Background Score

Hans Zimmer is as great a genius as Nolan himself and the  background score that he has given for Interstellar is the most closely knit soundtrack in recent times. By closely knit I mean, the storyteller (Nolan) and the composer (Zimmer) were completely in sync when the music was composed. Every movie needs music to express emotions of the story and the characters, it adds that extra dimension and for Interstellar that extra dimension is completely inherent with the other ones.

One way to test a soundtrack is to listen to it with the eyes closed and if the visuals that get sketched in the mind are close to the story then the score is completely in sync with it.


Matthew Mcconaughey as Cooper is as good as he could have been,the actor is on a roll recently and I hope his form continues because he is just terrific. Anne Hathaway is good but not as impactful as she was in Dark Knight. Her role is short but she does it well.Bill Irwin who lends his voice to the intelligent robot TARS provides humour in intense situations which was refreshing as Nolan’s movies do not have much scope for humour in them.

There  is another actor in the movie who was never shown in the trailer. If you still don’t know about it then you are in for a surprise.

Final Word

There is no question of whether you should watch  it or not,such movies are not made often and there is no doubt that ‘Interstellar’ is a Gem that everyone should experience in the biggest IMAX around. The story will give your mind enough to chew for days together and  at the same time comfort your heart with a emotional story that transcends the boundaries of space-time-gravity.

Definitely recommended for multiple viewings.

PS : Brushing up your Quantum physics concepts might just be useful while watching the movie.

Overall Rating : 4.75/5