India’s first home-built nuclear submarine that’s efficient enough to fire ballistic missiles, is all ready for its launch. INS Arihant, the first of the five from its class, will be soon beginning sea trials, stated the Indian Navy’s Chief of Staff- Admiral Nirmal Verma. When the submarine shall be operational, it will be joining a few countries that influence the ‘nuclear triad’. The main plan is to fend off China and Pakistan, and establish India as the major power in Indian Ocean.

INS Arihant to be launched soon

The navy was prepared to complete the triad, after which their maritime and nuclear doctrines would’ve been lined up to make sure that the nuclear insurance comes from the sea. INS Arihant would be equipped with K-15 ballistic missile, which bears a nuclear warhead. But the range of this weapon is less than 500 miles, which creates doubts regarding its ability to hit a target in China.

INS Arihant Navy

Admiral Verma even added that the Navy and Coast Guards were now better equipped to deal with maritime terrorism and to tackle various issues like 26/11 from the terrorist outfits.