Homelane.com, a Bangalore-based startup in the interior-designing and 3D-modelling domain, has recently rolled out a new Google Cardboard-powered virtual reality-device Kaleido, that is to be worn to watch different furniture, their styling, flooring options, related accessories etc., while you can carry out your own permutations and combinations till you arrive at the perfect setting that meets your expectation. Looking up things at the mall for home décor is no easy stuff, and most of the times you find it difficult to envision whether a particular object in a particular color would go well with your whole setting. This difficulty is what’s addressed by Kaleido, as it lets you envision your surrounding and the objects that shall be installed in your desired color variants, thus helping you make an informed decision regarding the choice of furnishing.

Where imagination fails, the headset comes handy. HomeLane’s Kaleido VR headset offers an immersive 3D experience to the user, and lets user view several looks for the room in real-time as per his/her own personal style. Users may choose a specific part of the room, and they this privilege to view the same section via multiple angles.


User may note that the device does not use augmented reality, i.e., it won’y allow the person wearing the headset to view the changes in home decor items on your actual house. What it’ll do is, it shall employ an interactive 2D model of the mockup of the room for you to view, which still gives a decent result.

You may want to go through this demonstration of the Kaleido VR in action-


Presently, Kaleido could be availed by scheduling an appointment with a HomeLane representative. Their team is working on creating an Android app that could be downloaded via Google Play Store, where one can download a design and view its 2D model. If you’re lucky enough to be in the possession of a Google Cardboard, you may enjoy a 3D view as well. As of now, they’ve presence in five Indian cities – Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune and Kochi. If you visit their site, you can see the option of ‘View By Apartments’, where you can select an apartment scheme from three cities (Pune and Kochi are not in the list currently), and here you can view the 2D apartment mockup. The startup is planning to expand in Mumbai and NCR soon. And yes, augmented reality is very much a part of their future scheme of things.

Like HomeLane, virtual reality has been adopted by many automobile manufacturers and fashion retailers to get a feel of color and texture. It’s good to see more and more industries adopting immersive technologies to better the end consumer experience.

via : HomeLane