Wouldn’t it be a “Dream Come True” if the address of your favorite  cafe or shopping mall or even the emergency hospital is just a click away? Indeed YES! Keeping this in mind, Google  comes up with an excellent idea of A “MAPATHON” wherein everyone is free to create better maps for people. It is a very first MAPPING marathon contest open to all residing in India! It starts from 12 Feb and shall extend till 25 March.


It is a task of creating better maps using innovative ideas. Registrations are open to all and the interested may add their knowledge through MAP MAKER, a web based tool conceptualized in India more than 4 years ago. Users can select an area on the Google map and edit or add their places thereby creating accurate and comprehensive maps. The first 1000 winners will win exciting gift vouchers, laptops, android tabs and Google merchandise. In a nutshell, there’s everything for everyone. Google organized this similar Mapathon in south Sedan in 2011. The Vision statement of Google is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible. This, they will be mapping the world by making their very own users design the easy-to-use maps about their surroundings. So guys and gals, what’re you waiting for? Go grab the opportunity and see your “GOOGLED DREAMS” mapped!