Indian Railways has introduced a new Google Maps-based web app called RailRadar, which helps rail commuters track their train in real time. About 6,500 trains could be tracked as of now, though our rail network (one of the world’s largets) boasts of 10,000 operational trains everyday.

Indian Railway Launches RailRadar That Uses Google Maps To Track Your Train In Real Time

All one needs to do to track one’s train is, enter the name or number of your train and RailRadar will do the train-spotting for you. You may even type-in the station’s name to find trains. Once into the app, a person can know about the number of active tains at any given time, and based on the color one can check whether the train is on-time or running late (Blue denotes the on-time status and red denotes the latter). Clicking on the train gives out it’s complete route from start to finish.

Check out the web-app here. We sincerely hope we get this app on our smartphones soon.