All is well for Sanju (Emran Hashmi), an expert heist-master and safe breaker. His foolproof plans always paved ways to success and worked in his favour. He, along with his flamboyant wife Neetu (Vidya Balan) decide to stop this and lead a normal life. But before this, he plans to commit his “one-last-farewell” heist which will take care of his expenses throughout his life. He puts his plan into action with other two rouges and succeed only to forget about this!!! Sounds ghanchakkar?? Totally! He keeps this booty with himself for months and meets an accident leading him to suffer from amnesia. After his crime-partners return to claim their share, he fails to recognise them! Hell breaks lose and they- Pandit( Rajesh Sharma) and Idris (Namit Das) decide to stay with him until he recovers and remembers everything! Will their plan succeed? Will he remember? Will they get their share of the booty?

ghanchakkar emraan haashmi vidya balan

In this confusing situation, Sanju creates more confusion and gives chakkars to his audience and other shots of chakkars are given by his wifey Neetu who doesnt shy away from wearing devil horns and garish make-up. Director Raj Kumar Gupta of No One Killed Jessika fame has put up this concept tastefully. However, the movie could have been more hilarious and funny. It’s a little lackluster and our serial-kisser bhai was not at his best. Vidya as a flamboyant wife was adorable and the other two sidekicks made us laugh and filled the gap well. The music wasn’t to die for but the cinematography was good. A good “one-time” watch, nothing more.