After the super amazing 10-second footage of the movie, 20th Century Fox has released the trailer of ‘Life Of Pi’ in proper 3D, to give people a proper feel of the bestselling-novel adaptation slated for a November 21 release. Stunning visuals make this movie look totally WOW (specially the green-whale jumping out of the sea).

Life Of Pi Movie By Ang Lee

Though the trailer is very detailed regarding the basic settings, it hasn’t probed much into the narratives. Those who know the story through the book are quite excited to see how the pages unfold on-screen, with Ang-Lee captaining the ship. The film stars¬†Suraj Sharma as Pi, and also has Irrfan Khan and Tobey¬†Maguire in supporting roles.

Do catch the trailer here (if possible in HD, and 3D)-