Christopher Nolan is one such director whose movies are emotionally stimulating, creatively satisfying and massively appealing- all at once. Magnificent in a very cinematic sense, his movies and his characters both have ample rawness and enigma to them that make up for a compelling watch. And is The Dark Knight Rises COMPELLING! With the script and technology that backs this movie up, you’ll need to pluck out pieces of your brain from the ceiling when it ends. It’s THAT awesome! And well, if you have been nurturing heavy expectations from this movie, what it delivers will make your heart cry out with happiness. 0% Exaggeration here (Goosebumps still intact!)

The Dark Knight Rises (TKDR) Movie Review

Move ahead 8 years since Harvey Dent and Rachel died. Bruce Wayne, heartbroken with his lady love’s death is now full of regret and self-doubt, and has locked himself up in his mansion without leaving the place for eight whole years. Even Gotham has grown more peaceful since the Harvey Dent Act was passed- which has toned down the organized crime, all without Batman. Everything’s going smooth till a masked terrorist leader Bane scoots away a plane and vows to destroy Gotham in entirety. He has laid his arms on a nuclear reactor that was basically designed to generate clean renewable energy to power the whole city. Batman needs to stand up one last time to save his dear Gotham, and how he faces a more brawny enemy than himself is what takes the movie ahead.

Nolan does deliver what he promised, an epic conclusion that keeps you on the edge of your seat till the very end. There are a few past references to characters from his earlier films, and every small reference has a big point to make. Performance wise, Anne Hathaway has done an outstanding job, and pulls off the Cat-woman act super-confidently. Cristian Bale as the recluse is quite something, and this may feature as one of his finest performance till date. Tom Hardy as Bane gets monotonous at times, but has a lot to offer on-screen. Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the hot-headed cop John Blake is fantastic, and has got more screen presence than Cristian Bale himself. Gary Oldman gets to toss in optimism once in a while, while Michael Caine garnishes the saga all with the required emotions. Hans Zimmer’s music is so infectious that it’s sure to haunt you for many more days to come.

Even with the Oh-so-large props and the high-end technology employed throughout the film, the film never loses its human touch. At middle the movie does tend to puff up, but then again that’s justified at the end. With art, entertainment and genius fused so brilliantly, this movie rises to expectations of the highest order and the bomb of a climax packs in such a severe punch that makes this movie an irresistible watch. Highly recommended.

[highlight]Overall rating: 4.5/5[/highlight]