Leaving behind his bullets and guns, he forgot the bloodbaths and gore. The violence was never whispered by him and slowly he built the beds of roses and the dreamy castles along with his lady-love. Alas! The dream was shattered into tiny pieces and he resorted to the violent path of guns and bullets. Only this time, it was for winning over the evil for the sake of his love! Mohit Suri has always been quite a story-teller. From Zeher to Aashiqui-2, he churned out several block-busters leaving many longing for more. Ek Villain is a saga of Guns ‘n’ Roses wherein Guru (Siddharth Malhotra), a former goon whose favorite music was that of the bullets, who thought only blood was red and not roses and whose only sport was to kill people found himself smelling the roses, writing love- ballads and longing for fairy tales along with his beloved Aisha (Shraddha Kapoor). All was well until one day when Rakesh, a dreaded serial killer sets his eyes on the pretty Aisha causing her beau to resort to his former ways and mannerism. With more bullets and roaring bloodbaths, cuss words and a typical Hero vs Villain fight, dreary sequences and oodles of romance, the story goes on and on…


Ek Villain is a mediocre tale of love and violence. The scenes are that of a stereotypical Bollywood fights. Violence is interjected even if not necessary and is a little exaggerated! Cinematography is good and the music soothes the ear-buds. The performance by actors is fantastic. Siddharth is charming in his lover-boy and a mafia avatar. He carried out his performance with elan. Shraddha Kapoor has little to do and is mostly seen as a pretty damsel-in distress although her bohemian beauty catches our eyes. Post Aashiqui 2, our expectations have got bigger and we expect her to do more power-packed roles! Riteish Deshmukh is seen in a dark role for the first time, and we have to admit- he was superb! His nagging wife (portrayed by Aamna Sharif) fills the picture perfectly. The storyline needs more power and the X factor that will make the audience go gung-ho. Not a must-watch for sure, but you can give it a try for a power-packed experience!

Overall Rating : 2/5