General Elections never let us down on drama, and it’s even more fun when stand-up comedians and netizens make light of our leaders. AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal finds himself in almost all recent spoofs, and as more videos pour in, the party’s just getting merrier. Kejriwal rocked the political stage with his debut last year, but he’s now being labelled just another eye-ball grabber, what with his many whims and fancies.

Official-Dukhdarshan-News-Tragediwal-Kejriwal-Expose spoof

The spoofed up video recreate the classic Doordarshan of the 90s, wherein a girl newsreader (fashioned as Salma Sultan) reads a cute yet hilarious profile of a missing person ‘Tragediwal’ in the evening bulletin. Note issued in public interest – He may start a ‘dharna’ anytime, anywhere. Comparing Kejriwal with a chameleon cracked me up. Kudos to the children for their superb performances.

If haven’t already, catch the Tragediwal video below –