Stressing over the necessity of a robust cyber security system, Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) chief and Defence Minister’s Scientific Advisor V K Saraswat stated that the organisation in-team with other reputed institutes shall be formulating India’s very own operating system which is rumored to be ready within three years. With this development, our being dependent on other countries for security shall subside, and the Indian OS shall pose a major effort with reportedly 150 software engineers across the country sweating over it.

cyber security

Restating from the NAVCOM-2012 (the two-day international conference on Navigation and Communication), Saraswat put across that the major programme has already commenced and that they’re already 1.5 years into it. The basic elements like switches and servers were all assembled in India, without any foreign help. Further upgradations are being looked into the domains of bandwidth and spectrum and pretty soon the cyber communication security issues shall be addressed- both in the civilian and armed-force context.

via: ET