Dilip Chhabria’s automotive design enterprise, Dilip Chhabria Design Pvt Ltd aka DC Design, is to invest Rs. 50-60 crore on a manufacturing plant in Gujarat (most probably Ahmadabad  for its line of customized luxury cars, including the indigenous Avanti sports car. The founder stated that the facility shall be set up soon, and that this new facility shall focus on designing existing cars as per customer specifications. DC Design car facilities already exist in Mumbai, Pune and Gurgaon. Apart from this manufacturing facility, a state-of-the-art design school is also being thought of for all budding designers. Post six months from now, an online designing course will be launched, and the training institute will see the light post the unit’s infrastructure set up.

DC design avanti sports car

Dilip also added that the delivery of Avanti sports car shall commence this December in the firm’s Pune plant, and proprietary parts from several auto-makers shall be employed in developing this car. The car was first displayed at the 11th Auto Expo in New Delhi.