Shai Schechter, studying from Purchase College, State University of New York, has developed a simple, low-cost 3D printer called Deltaprintr, which costs just one-third of a conventional 3D printer. Explaining what prompted him to develop this printer, he said- “We have a laser- and powder-based 3D printer at school, but it costs about USD 500 for a bucket of powder and that only lasts for about one or two prints. It’s never used because it is so expensive and classes weren’t offered that much in the curriculum.”


For  Deltaprintr, Shai approached his sculpture professor and three friends about making a new 3D printer that uses plastic. To bring this affordable good to the masses, the team even initiated a Kickstarter campaign. Their printer uses three stepper motors, placed under the acrylic platform where the objects are printed. Motors operate the carriages moving the hot end, and finally render the 3D creations. Since this printer design doesn’t require as many parts as other 3D printers, the savings are handed over to the customers.