The seven-seater, low-cost Datsun Go+ MPV is finally arriving in India on Jaunuary 15, 2015. The lowest priced version of Go+ is expected to cost somewhere around Rs 3.5 lakhs, and this may be the deciding factor in the cost-conscious Indian market. The body is slightly expanded compared to Go, and Datsun has given this car lots of space behind the second row seats, where two other seats are installed. The engine of Go+ is same as Go – the 1.2 liter petrol engine with three cylinders. The engine fires maximum power of 68 PS and maximum torque of 104 Nm. The gearbox is a 5-speed manual. Go+ retains the same engine but carries seven people, and this was made possible due to the lighter body of Go+ as compared to Go. Go+ weighs 794 kilograms, which is about 25 kilograms more than the hatchback.

datsun Go-plus

Not much about the MPV has been revealed as yet. The mileage of Go+ is still unknown, but we expect it to be lesser than the mileage of Go which is 20.6 kpl. Once launched in the market, it will compete against the likes of Ertiga, Mobilio and Enjoy.  Keep watching this space to know more about the Datsun Go+.