As per the latest statistics published by the Home Ministry, 62,819 cyber criminal incidents were reported till June 2014. 2013 had witnessed 71,780 reported cases while 2012 had just 22,060 cases. 2014 translates to over a 40 percent hike in the rate of cyber crimes. Cyber crime instances comprise publication of obscene content, computer hacking, credit card thefts and bank fraud. Other cases consist of phishing, spamming, scanning, malicious code and website intrusions.

The report even states that India being a rapidly growing economy, the country’s more prone to cyber-crime at local as well as international level, more than ever before. The report added many countries from where the cyber-crimes are committed, and the list includes Europe, Brazil, US, China, Pakistan, Turkey, Algeria, and UAE. Since the attackers usually mask themselves, it’s very difficult to pin-point the source of the attack.

Home Minister Rajnath Singh recently stated in the Parliament that owing to the greater risk of indoctrination of the youth on the internet by terror outfits such as ISIS, cyber-monitoring is the need of the hour to ensure cyber crime-free environment.