China has developed a new operating system called China Operating System (COS) for mobile handsets, and with its launch the OS shall be taking head on the existing mobile OS majors ruling the market like Android and iOS. Developed by Chinese Academy of Sciences in collaboration with Liantong Network Communications Technology, the COS finds its inspiration in the open-source kernel Linux.

made in china operating system COS

Now China presents a huge market for smartphone manufacturers, and Google Android enjoys a privileged majority here. But now people are hesitant to opt for this OS as within an year too many data scandals came to light which violated users’ privacy. This was a major issue addressed by China as it launched its indigenous OS. The COS could be incorporated in both mobile computing and conventional systems, and the Chinese government considers this a strategical win since the OS is developed internally and so is more secure as compared to iOS and Android platforms. No wonder the Chines government wants to make it China’s most popular operating system. Not only would COS be an alternative to Android mobile platform, but it could even replace the Windows XP desktop OS that’s mostly used, but which is slowly marching towards the grave due to lack of technical support.

The OS developers have not revealed much about the platform, except that it’s entirely developed in-house. They claim that the operating system shall support Java applications, HTML5, and shall be compatible with over a hundred thousand apps (Android apps too).

Reports claim that with this OS, China has created a model which shall assist users in handling Chines language input, and also support other options not entertained by the ‘foreign’ platforms. COS shall support games as well.

The new ‘Made in China’ OS shall be undergoing a testing process wherein its actual performance can be verified.