A petty pickpocket Bunty (Tarun Bajaj), a small-time crook Munna Supari ( Deepak Dobriyal) and an angry macho in love Daler Singh (Varun Mehra), all are accused of a murder of an MLA they didn’t commit. With all the huffing and puffing and  running from pillar to post, will they be acquitted? Prakash Saini has gone the extra mile to ensure that the movie stands out for it’s crime story with a comic touch but to vain because all that film shows is a mindless comedy with not so hilarious sequences.

chal bhaag

The film revolves around Munna Supari, who wants to desperately become the right hand of a mafia, Daler Singh, who is a macho yet a mouse in front of his lady-love Kajari (portrayed by Keeya Khanna) and a funnyman Bunty, who is a pickpocket whose life is turned topsy-turvy overnight when all the accusing fingers point towards them for the murder of an MLA and these crooks try all the rhymes and reasons, herbs and hybrid to wean them off the charges. Although, the story aimed to make all laugh, it miserably fails for there is no substance in the comedy. The characters have much more potential as compared to what they’ve delivered. The cinematography is average.

With extremely poor story-line and lack of hilarious pick-up lines, the only advice can be given to the people- “Bhago audience Bhago!”

Overall Rating: 1/5