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Schools in rural India could be as worse as we can’t even expect, very basic amenities like a writing-table, a chair to sit even a school bag are rarely viewed, which then end up with school children sitting on dusty floors all day. None of us bear the consequences except the children, who get nothing better than a bad posture, poor eyesight, and bad handwriting and god knows about the quality of education.


Aarambh, a Mumbai based NGO that works with children recognized the situation and tried their bit to help the new buds which is simply nothing more than an invention driven through determination. The NGO came up with an idea of portable Study table cum School Bag and that too in a most economical and efficient manner. They collected discarded carton from retailers, corporate houses and retail outlets. Making use of a stencil design, the cartons were then folded to form a portable writing desk, which also doubles up as a school bag. They named this wonder as ‘Help Desk’, and were able to achieve their ‘most economical’ target by making it in less than Rs 10 ($20 cents).

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Here’s how it works-

help desk

The organisation distributed it throughout the schools in most remote places of Maharashtra. And surprisingly, they were able to help out hundreds of kids making them study in a more cheerful, comfortable and effective way.

The organisation believes that the lack of school furniture is just one of the many obstacles which students are facing while trying to seek quality education out of Indian system. Lack of sanitation in schools is also one of the alarming problems which need to be figured out again with best possible solutions.

This is such a great revolution at the grassroot level. What do you guys think about ‘Help Desk’? Let us know in comments below.


  • sneha shah says:

    Great Idea! Would love to collaborate and reach school in rural areas near my town. Please let me know if we can proceed. Thanks

  • Hi, A good innovative initiative.
    Can you pl send me details of ARAMBHA organisation – email / address etc?

  • Deepak Rai says:

    I support a small school in rural area of Nepal. The school has sa many problems, one of them is insufficient study desks. Can you please let me know the methods to make the cardboard box Help Desk so that these kids also share the happiness??
    It would be a great help towards humanitarian mission if you could kindly mentions the methods of making Help Desks.

    Thanking you,
    Deepak Rai
    Gyan Jyoti Primary School

  • I am writing from Nairobi, Kenya. We have a lot of poor schools in rural Kenya where children actually study under tree and have no desks. I was very happy to see the design of this desk and was wondering if I can replicate this in Kenya and have companies carry out CSR activities by donating these desks. Is it possible to have the design and die- cut layout from you? Kind regards, Mahesh Chandaria

  • Author,it is not only helpful to students but also the symbol of knowledge.And it is nice.i am ready to getting these “help desk” bags to give rural people and iam ready to pay money for sample piece also.

  • Great initiative of its kind. Would be interested in getting the stencil size and nature of cardboard to be used.

  • Rajkumar Verma says:

    what an idea sir ji

  • Nikhil says:

    First this is an amazing product. Can any one tell me were do it get this amazing cardboard school bad cum desk,as i also working for an NGO ECO Logic Foundation, we can give this bags to the needed children.

  • ushma says:

    I teach in a village,and would love to have the desks. Can you also let me know how durable are they? I would also like the villagers to lean to make them.

    • Ambarish Ganesh says:

      Hello Ushma, we’ve contacted the organisation ‘Aarambh’ regarding this project, and I’m yet to hear back from them.
      Will let you know as soon as something comes up. :)
      Happy reading.

      • The desks are easy to make. if you can pay for the desk and courier charges we can send you a sample of the bag
        pl contact us
        shobha murthy

        • Ambarish Ganesh says:

          Hello Shobha,

          Thank you for your reply. Kindly let us know the price of the desk.
          You may mail the details at {editor AT indiannerve DOT com}, and we’ll get back to you soon.

        • Nikhil says:

          Please send me one sample and i am ready to pay for one and for courier charges please email me your private email ID so that i shall give you my complete address and details of payment will be COD or cash.
          Please advice.
          Thanking You

        • Hiten says:

          please send me your address, account No and the rate per piece.
          I want to sponsor for entire school in a tribal area.

          • Dhiraj says:

            Hello sir,
            I am interested in buying 100 pics
            I want sample ….let me know the cost i am ready to pay for it.
            Looking forward to hear frm u.
            Thank you.

        • kathayana says:

          Hi shobha Ji,
          please let us know what’s the price and other required details for this product. It will be great help for my friend’s school in Hyd. Please share yr contact details so that we can contact you.

  • Sandeep Shankarrao Patil says:

    I am received your sample, please send me the details of your account to send money o I will send money by money order. Our company doing lots of Social works for poor childs.

  • Alias Lani says:

    Hi Shobha,

    Please could you provide me with your account no so that I can deposit some money including postage of the Help Desk back to my home address in Malaysia.

  • shobha dsouza says:

    mam please can i have one bag? just want to see it. its really wonderful. i want to buy them more. please send me your email Id i will send my postal address. and i will pay for the bag as well as for the post. its really really beautiful and great !!!!!

  • Please give me your bank A/c details to send you money for two sample desk cum school bag for us to see .Can we later order quantities for distribution in rural north India.Thanks

  • sushama parchure says:

    I am interested in buying helpdesk for 100 children . Guide me

  • I work in rural schools…and wish to donate 200 desks and I am ready to pay Rs. 10 each + transportation.

    Will you please confirm. I can deposit money in a bank.

    Uday Pandurang Vaze
    Birla Road, Ramdas Peth, Akola 444001


  • ch anand says:

    Hi it is good idea I have to participate with this program so to get these desks to our government schools in Telangana state. I am ready to bare what amount is required. Give mail I’d or contact numbers to order the desks.

  • jayashri says:

    Hi mam,
    Please send me one sample bag and i am ready to pay for one and also courier charges.
    Please advice.

    • Anil kumar says:

      Please send me one sample and i am ready to pay for one and for courier charges please email me your private email ID so that i shall give you my complete address and details of payment will be COD or cash.
      Please advice.
      Thanking You

  • Uma Shivaraman says:

    Hi we are group of ladies who teach under previledged children Pl send me one sample and I will pay for 1 desk and the courier charges for the above.

  • Mukhtar Husain says:

    we require 300 pieces of cardboard school bags cum desk for our school in rural area of Uttar Pradesh. Can you please help us to get the same,we shall pay the cost of the supply. Regards

  • Jeyavel says:

    Dear mam,
    We looking forward to contact you for our school in rural area of Tamilnadu, we have around 1000 poor children in our school

  • Vrushab shah says:

    Hello sir,
    I am interested in buying 100 pics
    I want sample ….let me know the cost i am ready to pay for it.
    Looking forward to hear frm u.
    Thank you.

  • Jogonder Singh Sond says:

    I worked for slum childern upgrading education standard
    Found no proper place yo study
    No educatoon support.
    We few group of people and young students are giving time to educate slum childern.
    Arambh had done good work

  • Dhiraj ghadge says:

    Sir pl provide contact number immediately

  • dhiraj ghadge says:

    sir require stencil measurements of the school desk

  • yashwanth patwardhan says:

    Please provide me details of the mail ID.
    I want distribute to the village students.
    Whom should I contact. Let me know.


  • Koduri chandana says:

    That’s really a great idea.
    Iam from an NGO and we want to distribute in government school.
    So, I need details : how can I get them.
    Let me know

  • lokesh goyal says:

    Its a good initiative….I work for a PSU, which does a lot of activities under CSR. I would like to include this one also. Kindly provide me your contact details, price per piece, courier facility etc as soon as possible. We do most of our activities on 14th November every year.


  • the school bag cum desk is helpful for all children who are sitting on floor for study.
    Please contact me. i need 200 bags urgently.

  • Shantikumar Merchant says:

    I need these bags for donetion to school im ruler area

    pls let me know the price and minimum order I can place?

  • Madhav Tadimeti says:

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    Namaskaar !

    The Idea / Innovation is ” Revolutionary ” which can be a Game Changer in getting India’s Literacy Rate hiked exponentially if implemented across India.

    In Fact, it can be launched Globally especially in Developing Countries in Africa & South America where the Issues / Problems related to School Education are almost Same.

    I am an Engineering Consultant & Investment Banker based in UAE. I am Associated with 2 NGOs based in Andhra Pradesh & 1 NGO based in Tamil Nadu & therefore would like to get the Innovative Design of the School Kit launched in the Schools where the mentioned NGOs are actively operational in the 2 States of India.

    Pls provide me needed Details asap.

    Regards & Best Wishes,
    Madhav Tadimeti

    Mob : 00971558964248

  • yes. its very economically and helpful to the pupils. It is good destination. I hope the same should be implemented in my district pupils. please send me the manufacturer details to my email i.d. its spreads all around the nation. expecting your early reply. thanking you sir.


    pl send me the details. we have collected a good amount and wish to have the school bags. pl let me know the details.
    Pro dinesh desai
    m -9426361121

  • Ch.sandeep kumar says:

    Hi sir, I want to buy 500 bags. Please send contact details. We are also maintaining a rise for human society organisation in our area which is purely backward area.

  • Nandakumar says:

    Pranams will be the appropriate comment for this great work. Pls give me your details we will colaborate in social innovative similar service.

  • Koduri chandana says:

    I want to know the details as we a NGO want to distribute these bags cum desks in govt schools near by Hyderabad.
    I request the details.

  • meenal says:

    I am working for the 2015 Chennai/Cuddalore flood relief, helping schools especially. Your cardboard schoolbag/desk is very impressive and we would like to buy and offer it to schools in Cuddalore. Could you please let me know the cost of it. I would also like to try a sample.

    Thank you

  • Nitin Tuli says:

    I am part of Round Table India based in Goa.The organisation with the objective of “Freedom through education” for the underprivileged children has built class rooms and have done other meaningful projects.I will request you for a sample Help Desk by courier.I will make the payment by cheque/cash .Please share the bank details.
    My address :
    Nitin Tuli
    F 301,Socorro Garden,
    Porvorim,Goa 403521

  • Jo says:

    I have pelvic problems and hate sitting on a chair. I always work on a flat surface (floor or bed / large couch) and would love to have a desk like that myself. Couldn’t they be put on the market in Europe / US for a price that makes it able to donate a set of desks for school children for every desk bought in Eur/US ??


  • Apurva Sanghvi says:

    Would like to buy 100 PCs. How can I do that

  • Quinto says:

    Would like to order some for rural Africa school. Send me contacts and costs.
    kingstone.exteriors-at-gmail dot com

  • Mr.Mohit Mohan Das,Project Director,Services Centre for the Disabled says:

    I would like to buy the helpdesk for free distribution in Govt. schools of Titilagarh, Odisha

    I request the details.


  • Dhaval Doshi says:

    I would like to buy the helpdesk for free distribution

  • b n sirish says:

    I would like to buy the helpdesk for free distribution in hyderabad

  • Lore says:

    That’s really thinking at an imesrspive level

  • Ismail Shani says:

    We shud also try thermocol/foam, It may come cheaper, abd it will be more lighter and if made thicker, it will be stong.

  • Reena bharathi says:

    Very innovative idea. I want to buy 100 help desks for a govt school in rural area in Tamil nadu.
    Please do let me know, how to go about the procedure for buying it.


    how can we get this oppurtunity

  • Ravindra says:

    Sir, I want @ 250 Help Desk for a School in Rural area. How to buy from NGO. Please let me know

  • Ravindra says:

    Sir, please send details how to get Help Desk.

  • Sam Balraj C says:

    I am Sam from Tamil Nadu , i wud like to know how it can be purchased and where it can be purchased. In Tamil Nadu many of the schools running in very rural areas doesn’t have anything to educate the childrens. i M so concerned about that and i wud like to help them too.pls share the contact details for buying this HelpDesk.

  • sandeep says:

    I would like to purchase for a rural school . Please send details on

  • Rupa Shah says:

    Hi I teach in Montessori school, need one sample design, I am ready to pay the cost or if you have dimensions in digital file that would work too. Please guide me through.

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