If you love a racy novel that combines the elements of research, suspense, bio-technology, love affairs and cyber crime, here’s a novel that will not only amuse you, but leave you wanting more. Penned by Amrita Chowdhury, Breach is one such novel that adds many ingredients in right proportions to deliver a strong message. The story begins with a huge pharmaceutical company Acel getting ready to file a patent application for a new drug it has come up with to treat the deadly pancreatic cancel. The company’s entire research work is stored in a Mumbai-based data center. In an interesting turn of events, the data gets haywire and a certain Dr. Udai Vir Dhingra has to bear the blame. On investigation, the evidences point at a teenager named Raghu Damodaran, who tried playing with the secrets of cyber space, but is trapped in the intimidating world of internet. The American owners are furious, the media is after the story and gates their leaks, there’s pressure from the market and amidst this are relationships between the characters that are taking its toll.

The language employed in the book is simple and layman-understandable. The characters and their vulnerabilities are wonderfully detailed. The narrative runs fast owing to the tight timeline the story’s been blended in. The thriller brilliantly boils down to the criminals’ method of operation and motives for the crime, and as a user you’d be forced to think twice before being dependent on the Internet.

Aptly named ‘Breach’, the novel is about belief systems and trust getting broken in the sands of time. Beautifully woven across India, USA and China, the story unfolds through the eyes of the protagonist juggling his relationship and saving his career amidst all the chaos. A definite page-turner, the book won’t let you stop even for a moment to understand the complexities of cyber crimes as the author has simplified them for the larger audience.

Overall Rating : 4/5

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