Automaker BMW shall roll out its latest electric baby i3 on Indian roads next year. BMW i3 is the first car to be launched under BMW’s new sub-brand BMW i. This sub-brand has been initiated specially for vehicles juicing up electricity for their propulsion, in one way or the other. Following i3, the sports car i8 shall be the next car in this i-portfolio, and shall run both an internal combustion engine and electric motors to power up the beast. The i8 is expected to come to India sometime later. Both i3 and i8 shall be launched in the country as completely built units.

bmw i3

The BMW i3 derives power off a 125kW motor running Li-ion batteries, and runs nearly 150 kilometers on a single charge. Measuring less than 4 meters, the car employs corbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) for its body shell that’s mounted on an aluminium chassis. Weighing less than 1200 kg, the car registers a top speed of 150 kmph. It reaches 0 to 100 kmph in mere 7.9 seconds, proving it’s speed. Also, the interiors have been carved out of recycled plastic, natural fibers and wood, thereby minimizing the negative effect it would’ve had on the environment. Also, the company claims that in producing this car, it has made use of 50 per cent less energy and 70 per cent less water as compared to any average existing car. The i3 offers many convenient charging facilities. For a quickie, the user can always use BMW i Wallbox Pure AC fast charging that readies it for a run within 3 hours. Driver can select the car’s energy consumption mode from these: Comfor, Eco Pro or Eco Pro+ mode. The charging can be done via the conventional charging-port.

Indians going green (both on the nature and the money front) may want to consider this car. Others can satisfy themselves with other electric options the market has to offer. Mahindra Reva is promising too.