Airtel’s ‘Rupee 1 Entertainment Store’ concept was first initiated earlier this year in April, and the first step involved offering featured video downloads at affordable and simple data services to Airtel subscribers encouraging constant mobile internet usage among the masses. In order to ensure the store’s success, the company rolled out several digital campaigns comprising 4 television commercials to promote the store. In order to access the ‘Rs 1 Entertainment Store’, Airtel subscribers need to dial 56789 from their handsets.

bharti airtel Re 1 Entertainment Store

In an issued statement, the company claimed that the entertainment store is compatible with more than 5,500 mobile handsets (including feature phones). For just Re 1, the store offers several (more than 3,00,000) exciting mobile content spanning music, videos, games, pictures and Internet browsing. Once the data bundle crosses the 3MB limit, extra charges shall be levied based on the data volume.