Thr Indian start-up based in Bangalore- the emo2- has rolled out a new ’emo2 anywhere’ multi-user touch OS at CES 2013 which attends to the large scale deployment and management issues attached with multi-user touch systems. Developed on a patent-pending technology, emo2 anywhere is the first ever OS to let multiple users access several applications at once. With the multi-touch functionality, users can work together or share their with each other simply through gestures. The present operating systems do not support multi-user collaboration, which makes emo2 anywhere stand out from others. Also, this OS could be managed from cloud, enabling you to manage scores of other machines just with a single home computer.

emo2 anywhere

A 21.5-inched unit of emo2 anywhere is expected at <USD 2000, which is pretty decent. Also, sizes of 27 and 32-inches are up for grabs. After successfully having implemented the idea at CCD (Cafe Coffee Day), Bangalore, the company is now all eyes for developers who understand cloud platform and emo2 SDK.