Author: Varun Varghese

Spectre | Movie Review

Sam Mendes has publicly said how Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight have given Hollywood directors that leverage of going to a dark place with big blockbuster films. We could clearly see the influence and what Mendes did with Skyfall was one monumental achievement. He shook the 007 franchise with a film which was unlike any of its predecessors. A film which didn’t just become one of the biggest blockbuster hits of all times, but also a film that stayed with us. Naturally, the expectations from Spectre were huge, although unfair but its comparison to Skyfall was unavoidable. The film...

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Margarita With A Straw | Movie Review

Thirty minutes into Margarita with a Straw (MWAS), we see Jose, a creative writing professor at the New York University giving his students an assignment. He asks them to write a creative piece about confessing a secret to someone they love. Something that they haven’t told anyone. This film is that assignment being played out on-screen. It is about coming out, about liberating yourself from your own demons, about trying to get accepted and about valuing who you really are. The film starts with Shubhangini ( Played by the brilliant Revathy) driving a Matador van and you are instantly reminded of the brilliant Little...

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