Team Anna finally announced that it will be ending their fast unto death and thinking about challenging corruption by giving political option to the people. This sounds like script of some south Indian film, but sadly it is true as of now. They are planning to form a new political party, but after taking opinion of people of India. The question remains as why did they sat for fasting since they have ended it abruptly and out of the blue they are announcing to form a political party. Whom did they ask before ending the fast? The People of India. No. They headed to the demand of some third party individuals that included ex-army chief, ex-bureaucrats, ex-chief justices etc. Now, after course of river is changed suddenly, they are asking the main victims, people of this country, what do they think about it?

Team anna lokpal bill

Congress, the ruling party were extremely happy with the course of events, they should be. They have every reason to smile, since they know to fight elections in India the most important thing required, more important than party, candidate and issues is money. Primary estimate suggest that it takes about Rs.20 crore to fight a parliament seat seriously. Taking into this account, major party spends about Rs.10000 crore to fight the elections. This is enormous amount of money. Team Anna can generate maximum Rs.10 crore in donations. Election has become a booming business, with economically weaker section people waiting for it so that they get employment and other goodies (liquor and other stuffs). And how do they get employment, by participating in political rallies.

Moreover where would Team Anna will find 500+ candidates that are clean and enjoy credibility in their respective constituencies. Again you cannot fight election with only one issue, Janlokpal. Kapil Sibal taunted Team Anna as ‘hardcore politicians’ and remarked about their political ambitions. Some newspersons of news channels having political inclination couldn’t control their grin while announcing the news. Everybody knows how the system works in India.

Now, the onus in on people of India. Do they really want this political option or rather they are happy with current political crop, question remains to be answered.