Rovio’s original Angry birds took off way back in 2010, and while we were kept busy with several spin-offs of the game, the one true sequel has emerged just recently. Angry Birds 2 has finally arrived on Google Play Store and App Store, and like all other good games, they’ve finally succumbed to in-app purchases.

The game is the same, but you do have many more birds with different unique characteristics (represented via cards) and pigs hidden in weakly structured buildings. Then there are multi-stage levels, boss battles and even spells to choose from. So far, so good. Now for the main villain, and this time it just ain’t the pigs. Unlike in the earlier versions of the game, one has to content with a maximum of three lives. If a gamer runs out of cards, he/she shall have to shell gems or continue to lose a life. Like in Candy Crush, lives regenerate after a certain period (here 30 mins), or you can simply regenerate them by spending 60 gems. Or even money – you get 80 lives for $0.99. You can even purchases loads and loads of gems for loads and loads of money.

The gameĀ is free to download, and Rovio is offering free stuff to gamers who complete the first world within the coming two weeks as early adopter prize. Some silver lining, I guess.