This is one movie which’ll appeal to the filmmakers more. ‘Cos it’s a film within a film about making a film, uncanny and perplexing enough to get you gladly dive into a deep pool of doubts. Working out on an extremely thin budget, director Srinivas Sunderrajan has laid out the perfect platter for your mind, and the dish he has prepared to serve is a very brave attempt indeed, but no one can predict how it’ll work out on your taste-buds. And that’s because it’s original.

The Untitled Kartik Krishnan Project Movie Review

The plot revolves around a software engineer Kartik Krishnan who churns out HTML codes for a living, and one day stumbles upon a blog called PassionForCinema. Going through the list of independent filmmakers on the blog, he’s totally awe-struck by one Srinivas Sunderrajan (Vishwas K), who he believes can help him with his short film. Kartik meets up with Srinivasan and requests  him to direct his script, to which the latter readily agrees. As Kartik starts working on his cast, screenplay and other film-related stuffs, several baffling incidents start haunting him. The hallucinating avatar of his lovely infatuation (Swara Bhaskar), the Ray-Ban flaunting stalker, and an odd antique toy come chasing him down every time he sits down to write. And all this make up Kartik’s story that wades through the chapters of life and logic.

The Untitled Kartik Krishnan Project Movie

A fraction among you may comprehend what Kartik is experiencing in the initial minutes itself, but the heroic twist rendered to the movie makes it all the more gripping. The B&W cinematography and the minimalistic music all complement the plot very well. Swara Bhaskar and Vishwas K have done an amazing job- pretty convincing in almost every frame. And at the end the imperfections don’t make any difference to a concept that’s light-years in the lead compared to any other Bollywood baby delivered recently. Do not miss the ‘naming ceremony’ of this untitled brainchild.