This post is spoiler-free. Here are the ten thoughts I had while watching MCU’s latest beauty, Civil War.

  1. This is quite easily among the Top 3 Superhero, let alone Marvel movies ever made.
  2. It matters. Rather than having a clichéd ending with the good guys beating the bad guys, this one ends on a status quo previously unseen in any comic book movie.
  3. Spider-Man is awesome. This is, in my opinion, the definitive version of Spidey. He’s a wise-cracking, nerdy and an actual teenager. Kudos to Marvel for casting perfectly and dealing with his origin story in a single scene featuring Tony Stark. Also he references a movie which from the 80s, that has an Icy Planet and involves manoeuvres around legs. That’s my Spidey!
  4. Marisa Tomei is hot.
  5. Paul Rudd steals the scenes he’s in. Especially the one with his HUGE revelation.
  6. Black Panther movie has bigger stakes than you would have previously thought of. Screenwriting magic on how every character was given room to breathe and develop, a huge fault from Age of Ultron that was rectified.
  7. The fight scenes are some of the best you’ll see, maybe since Winter Soldier. Black Widow’s parkour scene and Bucky’s fights are a joy to watch. Insane fight choreography by the stunt team. The airport scene will give a hard-on to any one who has ever read a comic. The way the characters interact/fight with each other… it’s just beautiful.
  8. Curious Case of Tony Stark: Marvel shows off how good their VFX Team is, when you watch Robert Downey Jr look as young as he did in Weird Science you’ll be astonished.
  9. The Community cameo. Dean Pelton/Jim Rash makes a brief appearance, continuing the trend of The Russos pulling in former Community cast members to the MCU.
  10. Portrayal of a Family Tragedy. The emotional resonance is felt by the audience thanks to brilliant filmmaking showcased by The Russo Brothers. Rather than hurriedly speaking out your mother’s first name, you’re methodically shown a recurring incident that makes the final revelation, drop your jaw.

Make mine Marvel!

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