Deepinder Goyal, Founder and CEO of Zomato on Wednesday announced that their company shall soon commence its food ordering and home delivery services from next week. In an Ask Me Anything’ or AMA session on Internet community Reddit, Goyal said that the services shall be rolled out initially in Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru, and shall be launched in other cities pretty soon after. (The AMA session wasn’t a big show, for Goyal’s replies were downvoted much by Redditors, who believed that the CEO’s replies to the posted questions were downright ridiculous.)

The announcement did not come off much as a surprise since Goyal had in February had confirmed a March 16th launch for food ordering and home delivery services in India, with around 2000 restaurant partners. Now this launch puts Zomato in the arena with FoodPanda, the latter leading in this space at present after having acquired the India operations of JustEat and TastyKhana. Together, Foodpanda, Just Eat and TastyKhana enjoy presence in over 200 Indian cities, and have partnered with more than 2000 restaurants. Will Zomato be able to take home the bigger bite?

Zomato with its staff has been testing deliveries internally, and has promised to launch the service internationally soon. The company compares its food delivery system to Uber, and states that it shall charge commission from the restaurants based on customer ratings and feedback. Good customer review shall imply a smaller commission, while a poor review may push their commission rates to as high as 15 percent.

Zomato recently launched cashless restaurant payments in Dubai, and pretty soon this functionality shall find its way to India. The firm is waiting for the termination of two-factor authentication for small payments, as that will pave way for one-touch payments.