The last two decades have witnessed a major transformation in many Indian cities, creating enormous pools of work opportunities in both the modern and traditional realms. This monograph by multiple contributors studies the work participation of female workers joining the workforce in urban India. Made informative with figures, charts and graphs, the authors investigate a woman’s role in India’s ever-growing employment avenues in two major sectors – high end professional occupations and domestic workers. The categories are then further broken down and studied job-wise, position-wise, and even earning-wise, listing out the difficulties and hindrances that the women face to scale in their respective work. The authors have even specified the reasons for unemployment, the primary one being domestic responsibilities, and have identified the type of jobs these unemployed people seek.

Using these statistics, the book helps underline a major conflict faced by the women workers even today irrespective of their work environment – adhering to the unstated, conventional gender code. Not only is the conflict studied in the IT-vs-Labour segment, but also the differences faced by women in different cities across India has been brought to fore. There are case studies where women work long hours in an organisation without additional pay to further their careers, and more importantly to hold their jobs. Also, there are many women who voluntarily give up high-level positions at organisations just because they prioritize their home and family above their work, and it has got nothing to do with the organization’s structure or work culture.

Also accounted are the increasing number of female workers in important positions at state security, military, cybersecurity, body-screening, etc. These avenues have opened up as many malls, airports, metro stations etc. where physical assessment of women need to be done require a female security member to do so. This has not only welcomed job opportunities, but also greater pay that what they used to receive earlier, thus leading to financial independence.

This book addresses the patriarchal thorn in every woman’s work-field, and the many problems it is generating for them.

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