Alrighty J.K. Simmon fans! Here’s good awesome news. The actor’s apparently voicing a supernatural beast in Kung Fu Panda‘s third installment, a first ever supernatural villain in this franchise. Yesterday we had seen the trailer that featured reunion of Po with his father, and Kai plays the paranormal threat to the new pandas in the picture. The baddie even had a serious quibble with kung fu warrior Master Shifu and the Furious Five. Oscar-award winning Simmons isn’t new to playing badasses (Whiplash, Oz, Spiderman, and so on), and it would be a delight to see him employ his vocal chords to breathe life in Kai.

Kai has these strange supernatural horns and a leather armor, and he makes use of two jade swords attached to long chains – his favorite weapon of choice. Would he be rushing or would he be dragging? OK, sorry for the bad Whiplash pun. Here’s the first look of Kai –

kai jk simmons kung fu panda 3