The very fact that Terrance Mallick (director of Tree of Life, The Thin Red Line, The New World) started filming this one before his 2nd project (earlier called Lawless but now yet untitled and to be released in 2016), we have known awfully much lesser about Knight of Cups all along.

Finally there is a trailer. And if not thoroughly original in terms of the premise, it is undeniably philosophical, life-like and certainly having the “Mallick” Touch.

Starring the once-upon-a time Dark Knight Christian Bale, a long time collaborator of Mallick’s films, this film also stars Natalie Portman, Cate Blanchette, Freida Pinto, Wes Bentley and Teresa Palmer.

Expect long pauses and exceptional scenic opulence in the movie. As of now,catch the psychedelic trailer here, narrated by the evanescent Ben Kingsley, to get an insight.