Florence Foster Jenkins was a New York socialite from the 1940’s who loved singing; unfortunately, singing didn’t feel the same way. Jenkins, in sincere ignorance of her lack of talent, set out with childlike excitement to pursue a singing career. There was sadly no shortage of people willing to laugh at her, and so she attracted a following. One newspaper dubbed her the ‘worst singer in the world’. Her story is lent a melancholy colour by the fact she was a child prodigy as a pianist before suffering an injury that ended her ability to play the piano.

Director Stephen Frears will bring us the story of this singular woman in August this year, in a delightful looking film that stars Meryl Streep as Florence Foster Jenkins. Hugh Grant co-stars as her manager/husband St. Clair Bayfield, who lovingly tried to shield his wife from her laughing stock status. Simon Helberg of The Big Bang Theory also features in a supporting role. Watch the trailer here:

Coming from the director of acclaimed movies such as High Fidelity (2000), The Queen (2006) and Philomena (2013), the film certainly holds great promise. Bookmark this one. If you’re the betting kind, I don’t need to tell you that you can safely put down a fistful on an Oscar nomination for Meryl Streep come 2017.