The opening sequence is quite well pitched. The director lays it out nicely [but all too directly and nothing presumably original in its approach], the origins and hullabaloo behind revered Dark Elf Malekith (Christopher Ecclestone) and his long awaited revenge on Asgard- home of our favourite Norse God THOR (Chris Helmsworth).

thor the dark world

Just like the Tessaract was in the AVENGERS, the Aether is in this movie.

Soon, one of the initial scenes into the movie where Loki (Tom Hiddleston) is summoned by Odin (Sir Anthony Hopkins) expecting some kind of explanation of his acts on Earth is a firm proof that this is Thor’s story post New York’s events. Thor makes a promising entry and looks determined and focussed than ever. He’s mainly been busy bringing harmony to all 9 realms with friends Lady Sif and the Warriors 3.

Returning again [obviously!] are the poor ‘earthlings’ who are “lovingly” or cluelessly yet fascinatingly involved in this myth-turned-superhero universe – Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) and her scientist buddies Darcy and the now-gone-crazy Dr. Selvig. As hinted at the end of Thor 1, the team have been in contact with S.H.I.E.L.D (only a mention in this film!!) and have been studying the concept of teleportation ever since.

The scientists based in London now, initially performing experiments on the mystical Stonehenge instead discover a place in the suburbs where portals to other worlds exist.

The story takes a predictable turn when the Jane finds herself travelling through one such portal and reaching the long lost location of the Aether later realising that the Dark energy is feeding off her body. Thor finally comes to help her and takes her to Asgard, meanwhile awakening Malekith of the energy’s location.

What’s Hot?

Not a big fan of the prequel but the set and costume design are once again jaw-dropping. Big and clever improvement on the CGI too. Loki clearly steals the show with his witty and deceitful one-liners and not to mention , the surprise cameos by an important Avenger and Stan Lee’s usual eye catching appearance.

What’s Not?

Performances are decent but nothing great. Portman is underutilized. The biggest disappointment is the complete absence of the famed worthwhile appearances of the Avengers or Nick Fury for that matter. Maybe that would have to wait for now. Iron Man 3 suffered from the same shortcoming in a way. Also, I wasn’t very thrilled by the post-credit sequence [Its MARVEL afterall!] since it didn’t ring a bell on who the new character was and the potential relevance to the story. Justification is pending from the director.

Overall Rating: 3/5

Go for the intricate portrayal of Asgard and the climax but for the story – it’s a one time watch! Let us hope and wait for the right mix of spices to make this half-cooked dish a full delicacy!