Subtle, it surely is not. From movie posters to its first official trailer, Prabhudeva had made it clear that he’s in no way compromising the rawness or the loudness of his movie. ‘Rowdy Rathore’, with it’s over-the-top drama, over-the-top action, over-the-top dialogues and over-the-top emotions, is definitely one over-the-top ‘whistle podu-ish’ movie meant for the masses. Remake or not, Prabhudeva and Khiladi Kumar ensure that this movie stands on its own.

The first half of the story toddles through the narrative details, with Shiva(Akshay Kumar) shown as a small time conman who falls head over heels for Paro (Sonakshi Sinha), a dame from Patna who’s in town to attend a wedding. All’s going well until a little girl recognizes Shiva as her father. A handful of goons chasing him only adds up the confusion, until the mystery unfolds as Shiva learns more about the girl’s real daddy.

movie review- Rowdy Rathore

The second half is serious masala, with Khiladi Kumar seeking all action as he moves with the girl to Devgarh, the village housing Baapji (Tamil actor Nasser), who plays the tyrant in the movie. With lustful men to back him up, cops going all wetty-pants before him, and a minister enabling all his whims and fancies, the villagers have every reason to be scared. Shiva steps up as the “considered-dead” police officer Vikram Rathod, all hot-blooded to de-throne Baapji and destroy his empire.

The movie is very much predictable, but not once you’ll feel the need to leave this drama halfway. The romance-part in the movie is very superficial, added only to accomodate the otherwise senseless songs. Prabhudeva has done an amazing job yet again, proving that Wanted was not in any way a fluke, mixing up every known Bollywood ingredient to churn out this mouth-watering pot-boiler.

Final Verdict- Go watch this movie for sheer fun! Do a ‘chinta-ta-ta’ to all your chintas and problems! You’ll not regret shelling out a few bucks on it, guarantee!

[highlight]Overall rating: 3/5[/highlight]