1884 – Indian Independent activist Subramaniya Siva was born. In 1908 he plunged into the freedom movement and was jailed many times.While in prison, in 1908, he got affected by leprosy. As leprosy was considered as a contagious disease, he was shifted to Salem jail. Also he was prohibited to travel by rail. Finally he succumbed to the disease on 23rd July 1925.

1913 – An Indian classical singer, Saraswati Abdul Rane was born. She was the daughter of musical maestro Ustad Abdul Karim Khan. She followed her family musical tradition and got her initial training of vocal music of the Kirana Gharana style from her elder brother Sureshbabu Mane and elder sister Hirabai Barodekar, who themselves were the rulers of Indian classical music of their times. Later she also sang along with elder sister, Hirabai Bododekar, the senior most of Kirana gharana, especially in jugalbandi style. She got many awards and recognition, one of them she got was the Balgandharva Award by the Government of Maharashtra in 1966.

1968 – Captain Harbhajan Singh, popularly known as Baba Harbhajan Singh died. He is one of the most honored soldiers in Indian army. He is revered by the soldiers of the Indian army, who have built a shrine in his honor. On June 30, 1965 conceded a commission and posted to the 14 Rajput regiment. During the 1965 Indo-Pakistan war he served as an Adjutant of his unit. Later he was transferred to 18 Rajput. It was with this regiment that he met his end on October 4, 1968 in Sikkim.

Gopal Swaroop Pathak

1982 – Former Vice President of India, Gopal Swaroop Pathak died. He served as the fourth Vice President of India from August 1969 to August 1974. After studying law at Allahabad University, he became the judge in Allahabad High Court 1945-46, and then he served as a member of Rajya Sabha 1960-66, Union Minister of Law 1966-67, Governor of Mysore state 1967-69 and Chancellor of Mysore University, Bangalore University and Karnataka University.