1806 – First ever large scale mutiny against the British East India Company took place at Vellore (in Tamil Nadu). It was a result of the discontent among Indian soldiers serving in the Madras Army against the changes introduced in soldier uniform. The new code forbade Hindus from wearing religious marks on their foreheads while Muslims had to shave their beards.
Indian soldiers in Madras army

Indian soldiers in Madras army

1925 – Meher Baba went silent till his last breath.

1958 – Meher Baba releases his universal message. Her’s the link to that.

Sunil Gavaskar

1949 – Sunil ‘Sunny’ Gavaskar was born in Mumbai. He held the record for most test centuries(34) until it was broken by fellow indian Sachin Tendulkar in December 2005. He is regarded as one of the greatest opening batsmen of the game.